Vito Stramaglia

Vito Stramaglia was born in Italy. Son of three generations of painters and decorators, his natural environment was full of color and art.
Vito had received training in order to become a painter, but later on, he had developed a troubled relationship of love and hate with painting. In fact, at some point in his adolescence, this relationship led him to dedicate himself to competitive sports, becoming a professional boxer. At the peak of his boxing career, he felt a strong need to go back to his first passion devoting his life to look for the inner soul of things through painting. Today, in his work, it is possible to read his story, his research. After a profound study of the old masters and the avant-gardes, supported by a constant wish for spirituality he reached his personal vision of life, inspired by quantum physics, by the illusion of the existing form, translating it with his painting. In his paintings the form is crushed and lost in the “whole”, shaping the original subject in an overwhelming and powerful message of strength and tenderness.