Alice Goidea

Alice is a freelance collage artist, illustrator and make-up artist born in Romania. She became interested in collages and photography at a very young age and her technique ranges from drawing to illustration and painting. The purpose of her art is to communicate another way of seeing things that is different from a normal perspective. Algo wants to make people happy and to awaken curiosity and let everyone reach his/her own conclusion when interpreting it. Alice loves to travel; she lived in Paris, Barcelona and Bucharest and this cultural mix is reflecting in her work. Behind every artwork you can find fantasy, chromatic games and a lot of decorative details. The Surrealism and Dadaism strongly influenced Algo's work. Alice is able to work on completely different projects: she can make art on demand for different clients (commercial projects, advertising or fashion) or more personal and intimate artwork. The artist is mostly inspired by nature and the magic she senses in everything that surrounds us. Two recurring motifs are cats and strawberries. As you'll discover her art step by step you will be carried in a magical world with abstract characters, symbols and peculiar messages. She uses a mixed technique with different mediums (acrylic, gouache, paper cut, Copic sketch on canvas or paper). Let's discover this magical world. Enjoy it! "Illustration is a real job where you must work every day and not just a passion for drawing” - Denis Carrier "Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” -D.W Winnicott

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